When planning a summer vacation in Odessa it is necessary first of all to find comfortable housing. To make your stay in a cozy atmosphere and to have a good emotional mood, choose temporary housing and book in advance. Then come to Odessa, you will not have to waste your valuable time searching for acomodation. And you do not have to pay attention to individuals standing at the railwaystation with a sign "for rent."

flat on Deribasovskaya str, 2 rooms, near Opera House

If you value privacy and are used to "home" comfort, self-sufficiency and independence, you should rent a removable residential apartment instead of a hotel room. Rented apartments are good because they provide you with everything and nothing will limit your daily routine, you will not worry about hotel staff, you can cook your own food, as all apartments are equipped with kitchen, modern appliances. You'll feel right at home.

big studio-apartment on Ekaterininskaya street /deribasovskaya

The service for apartments renting in Odessa is highly developed and organized in a professional manner. There is a large choice of apartments of various categories, all of which are well-equipped, they're repaired and with optimal conditions for living. Apartments can be chosen in the central historical part of the city and close to the park and beach areas. There are apartments with luxurious remodeling; living here will give you a real aesthetic pleasure. There is a wide range of apartments as standard and economy class. In any case, all the apartments are equipped and have a standard set of services for a living.
Select the best option you want on the website. Slowly, you may want to consider an apartment provided by the photos and descriptions, and then contact a representative by the telephone number. If you have any preferences for basic geographical location of the apartment, according to its design or area, then of course, the search for an apartment must be addressed in advance.

2-rooms apartment on Pastera str, near city Garden

Please note that all apartments offered for rent by the day on the website - the apartments are without resellers and agents. Therefore, this service has a perfect combination of price and quality. We'll make sure that your stay in Odessa was held at the proper level.



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