Odessa ... This city is ideal for hiking, because at every step here, that building is a masterpiece of architecture. On the first day of your stay in Odessa we offer you to get acquainted with the Opera House, Primorskiy Boulevard, Potemkin Stairs, with magnificent views of the marina.
At the crossroads of Deribasovskaya and Richelievskaya Streets you see the stunning beauty of the palace, which is recognized as the second most beautiful after the Vienna State Opera. After reconstruction in 2007 the theater received the status - National. In the Opera House organizes tours that let's you see the luxurious interior of the theater, as well as get acquainted with its history.

At a distance of one quarter to one side of the Opera House Square is Catherine, and on the other is Primorskiy Boulevard. Its length is not more than half a kilometer. However, the beauty and the number of architectural attractions of this boulevard are one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine.

Drowning in green chestnuts, placed here: City Council, the monument to Pushkin, iron cannon, open-air museum, a hotel "Londonskaya", the Vorontsov Palace. Before the Potemkin Stairs there is a monument to Duke de Richelieu.
famous Odessa's Potemkin Stairs is a spectacular panorama of the Marine Station, a walk on that which will bring you lots of positive emotions. At the Marina waterfront there are many monuments and places of interest - a monument to "sailor's wife", "Golden Child", the Church of St. Nicholas, the exhibition hall, hotel "Odessa", outdoor display of anchors, a yacht club. After admiring the beautiful yachts and huge steam-ships, you can return to the city. If it's too difficult to climb up the 192 steps of the Potemkin stairs, you can climb to the cable car. In front of you and a monument to Duke Street, which will take you to Ekaterinenskaya Square.

Ekaterinenskaya Square is an architectural and historical monument of one of the most beautiful squares of the city. It adorns the square with the grand monument to Catherine the Great. The area is adjacent to the eponymous Catherine Street, which intersects with the already well known to you Deribasovskaya Street.
After walking around the city, you obviously work up a healthy appetite. Offer today for lunch at the popular restaurant Odessa "Steakhouse." This is the only restaurant specializing exclusively in high-quality meats. It’s very easy to find - in the street in front of the Deribasovskaya Street next to the restaurant is always a statue of a cow which you will notice.
Finish the first day in Odessa at the nightclub, "Captain Morgan." This is a popular glam disco bar located in the heart of the city - at a distance of two blocks from Deribasovskaya Street. The club is open around the clock. It's very popular among youth and glamor, even in summer it is visited by many people. Basically this place are held prepati and afterparty.



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