What would a vacation in Odessa be without the sea. In the morning it is particularly fine. One of the most comfortable city beaches is the beach Langeron, named in honor of the governor of Odessa. It's very easy to leave the beach, just walk along the shady avenues of Shevchenko Park, which stretches along the coast for almost a kilometer.
Shevchenko Park is the largest and most beautiful park in the city. Here are the monuments to Taras Shevchenko and the "Walk of Fame" with the graves of heroes and warriors defending the city during the war, a monument to the Unknown Sailor, near which the eternal flame, the monument to Afghan soldiers. From "Walk of Fame" from the sea to file by hand. Here begins the "Highway of health", where in the morning, people from Odessa practiced at the gym, jogging, promenades on bicycles, roller skates or just walking on foot, and inhaling the fragrance of the morning sea breeze.

On the beach Langeron you can choose from a sandy beach and the beaches made of concrete slabs. There are a lot of sunbathing on the plates, away from the crowds. Near the entrance to the beach is the Dolphinarium "Nemo" and Aquarium, where you can swim with the dolphins.

Next to the beach "Langeron" is another beach town "Otrada", a feature of which is the presence of the cable car connecting the beach and the French Boulevard. A walk on French Boulevard gives you real aesthetic pleasure even on a hot heat, because along the narrow streets of trees, plus the proximity of the sea gives invigorating freshness. On both sides of the road are unique ancient buildings, which are combined with modern buildings.
As soon as you walk and become a little weary or just hungry, take a look at one of the reputable restaurants located along the French Boulevard. The nice stay and excellent cuisine of the restaurants will offer you a guaranteed "Bluff" and "Dacha". Both restaurants are fundamentally different from the concept of "Bluff" shows a refined luxury, "Dacha" positions "home" simplicity and ease. Dinner at both restaurants will introduce you to Odessa cuisine.
After a rest in the shade of trees in the cozy courtyard restaurant "Dacha" or the shade of romantic tables outdoor area of the restaurant "bluff", after a good dinner, you can still walk on the French Boulevard toward Arcadia.
Arcadia is a tourist mecca with much diverse nightlife: "Ibiza", "Ithaca", "Paradise", "Western", "Assol", "Tropicana" and many others. Visiting any of them, offer a bright unforgettable night of music and dance extravaganza is guaranteed.



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