So, you have plunged into the vivid nightlife of Odessa night clubs, the best of which are located in Arcadia. All summer night clubs are located on the beach or coastal area. So do not rush to leave these reckless places. There is nothing better than to bathe in the morning sun. The serene expanse of the sea will remove all the tiredness of your night marathon.
Arcadia beach is known throughout Ukraine. Many have long become accustomed to come in the summer to Arcadia, "hang out" in a club, swim, sunbathe and go home. In your case, you're in a hotel, because now you're only on your third day in Odessa, and there are still big plans for the holiday

Do not rush to call a taxi or Odessa Public transport, because you are young, and therefore active, cheerful and hardy. We suggest you take the promenade to the picturesque Arcadia "track health" to the beach "Langeron" and Shevchenko Park. A walk in the fresh air will saturate your lungs with oxygen, will tone the muscles, and lift your spirits. The route length is six kilometers. You will see many cyclists, skaters, joggers, pedestrians with children, and people of all ages. Here only electric cars run. Many in Odessa train here year-round. Along the route there are many cafes, small shops where you can buy soft drinks and ice cream.
After going down to the park to the Shevchenko Seaside, the city center can be reached by cable car, which is near the Potemkin Stairs. The cable car a little more than one minute will bring you to the monument to Duke de Richelieu; there are Primorskiy Boulevard, the Opera House and Deribasovskaya Street.

A long walk, followed by dinner at the restaurant "compote" is one of the most affordable restaurants in Odessa, located on Deribasovskaya Street. It is always crowded. It smells of delicious homemade cakes. The simple and very "home" food taste will remind you of childhood.
In the evening, take a walk on Deribasovskaya Street hear singing fountains, and perhaps symphonic concert at the adjacent small stage.
Immediately on Deribasovskaya Street is the nightclub "Vis» («Vis-A-Vis»). In essence it is a restaurant and lounge club. European cuisine, live music, shows, dance floor, bar, three dozen cozy tables in the hall and 17 tables on the spacious balcony all contribute to a good rest. There are often invited well-known performers and concert bands. In the summer, there are not many people, so the rest can go to the soothing, sophisticated atmosphere.



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