Of course, your rest in Odessa cannot be complete without shopping. Besides the sea, the sun, and scorching sun every tourist wants to take away from Odessa at least some souvenirs for friends, and ideally - buy something more substantial from the clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, etc. After all Odessa is just littered with all kinds of shops, boutiques, and shopping centers.
Very popular among Odessa shopping centers, which are united under the roof of a large variety of shops. Modern shopping centers are equipped with air conditioning, which makes the promenade to the boutiques comfortable and fatigue-free. In addition, the shopping centers have a number of additional entertainment, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, fitness centers, cinemas, making shopping a fun and fashionable pastime in which shopping is combined with the rest.

For shopping high elite class is the shopping center "Victory Gardens." The luxurious Design Center starts with parking. Columns covered with underground parking bog oak. If you want to see Luxury floors you can use elevators or the spiral marble staircase. Jewelry, watches, clothes and accessories of leading brands, art, furniture and limousines - all in an exclusive, elite style. On the top floor is a restaurant complex, where you can meet a rich and fashionable audience. You will see there unrivaled concert hall, with professional sound and light equipment of the world-class, delicacy-market "Space", Art Gallery and many boutiques - that's the "Victory Gardens."
The much more democratic trade center "Riverra" is one of the largest in Ukraine. Here there are the products from more than 130 stores, including such well-known brands as Zara, Marks & Spencer, New Yorker, Reserved, Sportsmaster, Benetton, Brocard, Mango, Motivi, Adidas, Reebok, Bershka, Colin's, etc. Besides shopping there is also a cinema, bowling and entertainment center for children.

Finally, the well-known "7-th km". It positioned itself as a "product first hand," which brought enterprising entrepreneurs from around the world. It specializes in the retail and wholesale of consumer goods. It occupies about 70 hectares. There are containers, warehouses, shops, cafes, eateries, food markets, parking lots, and two hotels.
If you want, you have to spend at least one day of your stay shopping in Odessa in order to combine business with pleasure.



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