Today we walk along the Zhvanetskiy boulevard by Teschin bridge to the Shah's Palace and the majestic colonnade of Vorontsov. This path will lead you to the Primorskiy Boulevard, just on the opposite side.
Zhvanetskiy Boulevard is one of the few, if not the only one named after a person during his lifetime. The entire perimeter of the boulevard installed signs with hilarious aphorisms, invented at the time known from Odessa, comedy writer Mikhail Zhvanetskiy. Therefore, a slow walk along the boulevard will bring delight and a smile.
Zhvanetskiy Boulevard begins at the corner of Transfiguration, here at the beginning of the legendary boulevard is installed a monument to "bribe", as it is called Odessa, but rather a monument to Orange. The bronze monument is dedicated to the historical event associated with the offering to Paul in 1800 as a gift to the Greek orange, which at that time were a rather exotic fruit, which later contributed to obtain loans for the development of the city.

Zhvanetskiy Boulevard will take you to "Teschin Bridge", which also has an interesting history, and connects with the aforementioned Boulevard Promenade. Walking across the bridge opens interesting views of old Odessa. In early times the Teschin bridge was a unique "piece of old Odessa" with the bridge of kisses and old well. It was a tradition to make pictures during the wedding. Next to it there is a modern monument "Love Heart", where lovers hang locks as sign of eternal love and fidelity.
There is shah's palace next to the monument which is quite exotic in its architecture building built in the Neo-gothic style and Renaissance.

Further along the route is Colonnade and Vorontsov palace. From the colonnade there are stunning views over the sea harbor of Odessa sea port. Famous colonnade Belvedere is an ornament Seaside Boulevard. And now, again are the Potemkin Stairs.
A complete walk around the city offer a small voyage along the coast of the Black Sea. See Odessa from the sea, to swim in clean water, far from shore is possible on pleasure yachts, sailing boats or boats that ply the harbor station.
In the evening, treat yourself to dinner at a seafood restaurant, "Columbus", located on the beach, at the 9th station of Big Fountain. This will be the most romantic and the most delicious evening in Odessa.



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