We offer you today to meet one of the most historic and scenic places and sights of Odessa - the best resort, which is located at the 16th station of Big Fountain. Beach "Gold Coast" fully justifies its name. This is the farthest point from all the well-appointed luxury resort areas Fontana. It is believed that this is the cleanest of all the sand beaches. This is the most popular beach among holiday townspeople.
Behind it there are the "Cottages of Kovalevskiy." Nearby there is the memorial to 411 battery. The citizens of Odessa like to leave there flowers on Victory Day in May. The distance from the city is about 15 km., the white sand and clean sea air provide excellent environmental conditions for peaceful rest. Not far from this district there is the male Orthodox monastery.

From the Railway Station you can take a tram number 18 or a taxi 185 that to get to the "Golden Coast". But the most comfortable way here is by the sea, as there are cruising speed boats, linking this to Arcadia Beach and Sea Port. The general beach area of the Big Fountain starts behind Arcadia Beach.
At the 13th station of Big Fountain is a comfortable beach "Kurortnyi". At the 10th station the beach "The Seagull" has a very developed infrastructure. On the 9th station are beautiful scenic spots and a monument to "The abduction of Europa." There is also a cozy restaurant "Transcarpathian kolyba" in the style of the national Log buildings, as well as a luxurious restaurant "Columbus", each of which offer a tasty lunch.
After a hearty dinner, you can stroll through the alleys of cozy park "Youth", located on the 8 th station of Big Fountain. And on the 7th Station there is an exit to the already known Arcadia.
If you want, you can continue your walk from the large fountain to the railway station. There is still a 5th station with architecturally beautiful building of the International Humanitarian University. On the 4th station there are Racecourse, Victory Park, Law Academy, Church of St. Tatiana. Further, on the third station there is Odessa Film Studio, and on the 1st station - Food Academy and Agricultural University.
In the afternoon, you can have time to visit another attraction - the Odessa Catacombs - one of the longest in the world. It's thousands of miles of underground roads that have arisen in the process of building the city. For a visit to the catacombs you need appropriate clothing, and a number needed to traverse extreme things. It is a fascinating journey immersing you into the world of underground labyrinths, which are associated with interesting events of the city.



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