On your last day in Odessa we suggest you visit the beach "Otrada." During your vacation in Odessa try to ride on the aerial cableway, it is an unforgivable. The cable car connects the beach area "Otrada" with the French boulevard. The French boulevard originates from the center of the city, namely the theater of musical comedy. On the first train stop after the boulevard is an arch in Moorish style which is the entrance to the aerial cableway. The cableway is especially helpful when lifting off the beach. In addition, the cable car ride offers a beautiful view of the scenic hills and the Odessa coast.
"Otrada" is another beach in the city, consisting of many cozy private areas. One of the most beautiful and well-appointed toll beaches is the «Otrada beach club». Here you can get unmatched aesthetic and physical pleasure from the pool, palm trees, flowers, cultural services and of course the sea. The entrance of all the beaches are free, but additional services such as lounge chairs, umbrellas, visiting the playground have a fee. Another attraction of Odessa is a yacht club, which is able to realize your dreams by offering fascinating boat trips

On the beach area is the restaurant "Villa Otrada" in an old style, which was used in the design of many green spaces that on a hot sultry day, creates the illusion of an oasis. In the cozy atmosphere of a pleasant background music you can eat dinner after a beach holiday.
In the second half of the day - a romantic farewell to Odessa: walk on Cathedral Square, take a look at the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, enjoy a kind of art gallery - there are beautiful paintings by Odessa`s artists. If desired, you can buy your favorite picture to have a memory of Odessa. Here, exhibition and sale of souvenirs of a copyrighted work.
Again walk on Deribasovskaya Street and City Park. Deribasovskaya Street is adjacent to the Greek Square. Beautiful and one of the largest in Odessa Greek Square is decorated with fountains and flower beds, and even here there is a large shopping center "Athena." You can also make a nice purchase there. In addition to a variety of shops with clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, leather goods, there is a lovely bar with catering, restaurants and supermarket.

Making necessary purchases, you can once again admire by the singing fountain, inhale aroma of southern Odessa air and take the best memories of this wonderful and beautiful city - Odessa.
The evening walk by Odessa is amazing, but tomorrow it is time to come back home...



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