Odessa, being an active tourist city, has numerous choices and a variety of hotels - from five star luxury hotels to the standard elite class and economy class. As well as a selection of mini-hotels, guest houses, and holiday inns.
Now the most popular are small hotels, as they help to relax without fuss, and many people's eyes. Typically, this is a private hotel located near the sea shore or elegantly inscribed in the center of Odessa. A positive advantage of such hotels is that it is usually a new building, and thus equipped with the latest modern technology and equipment. Many of them are focused on relaxation and service of high quality.
In these hotels; couples with children, romantic couples, business people wishing to combine leisure and business events, famous people seeking privacy and personal comfort prefer to relax here. We will write just a few of the mini-hotels: Villa Naples, Southern Patio, Anabel, Shanghai Blues, Flowerbed, Odessa House, Geneva, Volna, Gogol House, etc.

Of course Odessa is visited by many businessmen, diplomats, foreign citizens and people, willing and able to get maximum of the rest and service. For these visitors, in Odessa, there are luxury apartments and five-star class suites and four-star hotels with a wide range of additional services - elite fitness centers, spas, massage parlors, saunas, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.
Rooms with exclusive furniture, elegant design with luxurious panoramic sea or cityscape are offered by these hotels such as Palace Del Mar, Otrada Hotel, Maristella Club, Bristol, Mona Lisa, Grand Marine, Arcadia Plaza, London, London, Mozart, Villa Le Premier, Continental, Odessa. Living in such hotels is uniquely expensive. These hotels are targeted towards major clients for whom the priority is the highest level of comfort.
More affordable prices are offered by such hotels as Getman, Standard, Knight, Central, Victoria, Catherine, Lotus, Odessa patio, Frapolli, Black Sea, Aivazovsky, Valentine, October etc.



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