Each city has its own uniqueness, its own history, traditions and characteristics. In other words, every city has its own face. But among the many cities there is only one, which merged aristocratic manners and freedom, wealth, architecture and plain-through courtyards, sea romance and irresistible humor.
Located on the Black Sea coast, this city attracts many tourists because it has everything - sea, sun, great spas, nightlife, restaurants, theaters, museums ... and the most beautiful girls. It is a city of sailors, businessmen, artists, scientists, and just creative people. It is the birthplace of Anatoly Wasserman, Boris Burda, Zhvanetskiy, Nonna Grishaeva, Anna Akhmatova, Vera Inber, Isaac Babel, Ilya Ilf, Utesov Utochkin, Filatov, Vera Holodnaya, Korney Chukovsky ... The list is long.

Capital of humor! Did you know? Magnificent and extraordinary Odessa daily meets and escorts his many guests. They come here to rest from all over the country and abroad. It's especially popular popular during summer vacations.

To experience this amazing little town in a hurry to get around all of its attractions and fluently to capture them photo. Here you need to live a little. Go through the normal streets, sit in the old Odessa yards, visiting at least one theater, stroll along the "highway of health", enjoy the sea air on the top Odessa beaches.

We offer you to spend seven unforgettable days in one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine.

Once in Odessa and fresh out of the train or plane, you immediately get a dot sight the large army of taxi drivers and enterprising people with the sign "For Rent." Do not rush. In Odessa, there is a huge selection of hotels, guest houses, resorts, mini-hotels, private apartments rented by the day, where you can comfortably fit on the holidays. Moreover, you can find accommodation in any area and in any price range. You should look at the appropriate option on the websites and book it in advance.

From the airport to the city center is only 7.5 miles away. From the airport to the city center and to the railway station can be reached by shuttle bus number 117, which runs every 20-30 minutes. To get to the center from the railway station you can use the bus ? 241, or trolley bus number 1.

Do not forget that almost all hotels, including private entrepreneurs, who give apartments for rent, are ready to provide you a shuttle service.

Choosing a residence in the city center, you will have the opportunity in the first evening to go to the main attraction of Odessa - Deribasovskaya Street. This legendary street is adjacent to the city park, which will delight you fancy design flower beds, beautiful parkland, magnificent singing fountain, original monuments. You will see the "Tree of Love", "The 12th Chair" monuments to Utyosov, Utochkin and architectural monument of the 19th century - Passage.

This historic part of town is full of restaurants and cafes. One of the oldest and most beloved by Odessa citizens, Pecheskago restaurant, is located right in the city park. You will eat dinner, and also have a great rest of the evening on a summer area, listen to good music or singing karaoke yourself. Another respectable institution in the city park is the "Beer Garden" which is a privately owned brewery and will treat you good German beer.

And the next day you will visit a lot of historical monuments, and here your vacation is just beginning.



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